The Early Days

Hadribeaj was born and raised in Albania’s capitol city, Tirana, during a series of brutal conflicts and significant political, social and economic challenges that rocked the poverty-stricken country. At times as an adolescent, he was tasked with providing for his tightknit family as the primary bread-winner. Through everything, Ermal dreamed of becoming a professional athlete and trained fervently until he achieved his goal through raw talent and hard work.


With a background in professional parkour and mixed martial arts, Ermal’s athletic prowess and fighting ability earned him a bronze medal in the World Amateur MMA Championships in 2017.

Professional Career

Before transitioning to boxing in late 2019, he also recorded 15 professional MMA fights, earning him a dedicated following in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, and his home country of Albania.  A household name in the eastern European sports media, Hadribeaj is a consistent feature in print media and television productions. He has even been referred to as the “Albanian Lomachenko” by the prestigious Sky Sports News in the U.K. The Sniper’s athletic success and high brand marketability have earned him sponsorships from Virtuos Boxing, a premier Italian athletic apparel brand, Your Majesty Co., an award-winning design and technology firm, and Grails Restaurant & Bar in Miami among other sponsorships. 

date opponent location result
2022-11-12 Daniel Buciuc11 0 0 Yume Nightclub, Dubai WUD
2022-07-01 Charles Stanford* 6 4 0 Motor City Casino, Detroit WUD
2022-05-13 Sidney da Rosa Manuel 5 0 0 Motor City Casino, Detroit WUD
2022-02-19 Daniel Baiz 14 3 1 Sports Event Center, Rock Hill WUD
2021-11-06 Manny Woods 17 3 1 Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami WUD
2021-09-25 Thodoris Ritzakis 4 1 Bonaventure Resort Spa, Weston WUD
2021-07-10  Javier Garcia 8 19 1 Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami WTKO
2021-03-20 Brandon Baue 15 22 0 Sporthallen, Sundsvall WTKO
2021-01-23 Larry Smith 12 44 2 Miramar Regional Park Amphitheater, Miramar LTKO
2020-12-12 Kynndale Prather 1 7 0 Airport Hilton, Miami WKO
2020-11-07 Dylan Carlson1 1 1 Bonita Springs Elks Lodge, Bonita Springs WUD
2020-08-22 Christian Rivera *1 1 1 Bonita Springs Elks Lodge, Bonita Springs WUD
2020-02-08 Donyeh Thomas Cosby 3 1 0 Hard Rock Hotel, Daytona Beach WKO
2019-12-21 Javonn Davis 1 0 0 Miami-Dada Country Fair & Expo, Miami DPST
2019-11-01 Eric Rodriguez 0 0 0 Hard Rock Hotel, Daytona Beach WMD
2019-09-06 Darius Bagley 1 0 0 The Sugar Mill, New Orleans WUD

Recent Fights

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Ermal Hadribeaj

January 23, 2021 — Ermal Hadribeaj vs. Larry Smith, from the Miramar Regional Park Amphitheater, Miramar, Florida, United States.